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How financially fit are your customers? We all know eating right and exercising regularly can keep us PHYSICALLY fit. But what are the keys to getting FISCALLY fit? Paying down that high-balance credit card? Understanding the inner workings of a student loan? Knowing how and when to buy a home? Having enough put aside for a comfortable retirement?

As the national association representing the real estate finance industry, MBA is committed to putting America back on strong financial footing. To help our members honor this industry-wide commitment, we are proud to announce an exclusive new adult financial literacy program, MBA’s Financial Fitness USA.

This MBA members-only benefit is made possible through a partnership with EverFi, the nation’s leading financial literacy software company. The new product, currently available only through MBA, is called EverFi@Work, and utilizes the latest new-media technology to help your customers develop a comprehensive understanding of mortgages, credit scores, student loan management, retirement planning and more.

EverFi will build, manage and host the technology platform but will fully brand the program and integrate your core messaging and design to make the learning experience seamless for your customers. You can offer this fun and valuable experience to your customers, to local community groups or to other key constituencies through any of your available products and services. The program is being offered at a significant discount to MBA members.

Being Financially Fit and in control of their finances can help your customers be happier, more optimistic and less anxious. And you can help them achieve that with MBA’s Financial Fitness USA.

Schedule a personal demonstration for your team, or contact EverFi at or (202) 625-0011 x318 for more information.

MBA Empowers Consumers

MBA Empowers Consumers

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