MBA believes a successful secondary mortgage market needs to produce a more stable and competitive system for lenders. Any transition to an improved system must retain and redeploy key aspects of the GSEs’ existing infrastructures, including certain operational functions, systems, people and business processes.

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MBA's Road Map for the Housing Finance System

MBA GSE Transition Plan Steps (in-depth)

In order to help pave the road for housing finance reform, MBA has developed a series of steps that can be taken now.

Each one of these steps advances healthy reforms to the secondary mortgage market and can be taken by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) and/or the GSEs without the need for authorizing legislation, thus allowing Congress to focus its efforts on developing the end state.

MBA believes these steps are extremely important to support a competitive, robust and sustainable housing finance system regardless of the ultimate path taken by policy makers in Washington.

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Ensuring Liquidity Through a Common GSE Security »

Up-Front Risk Sharing: Ensuring Private Capital Delivers for Consumers »

A Secondary Market That Works for Smaller Lenders »

Keys to Expanding Credit Access: Transparent Credit Boundaries and Clearer Representations and Warranties »

Common Securitization Platform: Direction, Scope and Governance »

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