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Research Institute for Housing America, MBA's Think Tank

Jones, Coeli
Research Institute for Housing America is a 501(c)(3) trust fund sponsored by the Mortgage Bankers Association. Its chief purpose is to encourage and aid--through grants and sponsored research to distinguished scholars, educational institutions, research facilities and government organizations--the pursuit of knowledge of mortgage markets and real estate finance.

In October, RIHA released The Historical Origins of America’s Mortgage Laws, written by Andra Ghent, assistant professor of real estate at Arizona State University. The paper examines different legal frameworks for mortgage markets in different states, focusing on how and when they came into existence, including the British influence on laws in some of the older states, with a particular emphasis on foreclosures, including judicial vs. non-judicial regimes, redemption rights and deficiency judgments.

The paper can be accessed at

Also in October RIHA released Measuring the Benefits of Homeowning: Effects on Children Redux, which associates homeownership rates with lower high school dropout rates and lower teen birth rates. Authors Richard Green and Gary Painter, professors at the University of Southern California; and Michelle White, professor at the University of San Diego, conducted the study as a follow-up to similar research 15 years ago.

The paper can be accessed at

Over the past year, RIHA reports have addressed the following topics:

• Statistical Problems in the Measurement of Mortgage Market
• Discrimination and Credit Risk
• An International Comparison of Mortgage Product Offerings
• Household Formation in a Recession
• Risk Management Practices in the Mortgage Industry
• Household Reaction to the Financial Crisis

All reports are available for download at