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Dealmaker of the Day
Tucker, Michael
Meridian Capital Group, New York, negotiated $33.6 million in financing for apartment properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, N.Y.

Meridian negotiated a $10.5 million mortgage on a 90-unit, 12-story multifamily building on East 122nd Street in Manhattan. The loan featured a rate of 3.0 percent and a 10-year term. Isaac Lifshitz, an analyst at Meridian, negotiated this transaction.

The firm placed a $3.7 million mortgage on a 46-unit, four-story multifamily building on 23rd Street in Queens’ Long Island City. The loan featured a rate of 3.38 percent and a 10-year term. Meridian Senior Vice President of Production Simon Rosenfeld, negotiated this transaction.

Meridian Executive Vice President Avi Weinstock, negotiated several transactions, including an $8 million mortgage placed on a 95-unit, six-story apartment building on 84th Street in Brooklyn. The 3.00 percent loan has a 10-year term. Weinstock also negotiated two transactions on East 21st Street in Brooklyn, placing a $3.75 million, 3.13 percent mortgage with a 10-year term on a 53-unit, six-story building and a $4.5 million 10-year mortgage at 3.25 percent on a 67-unit, six-story building.

Finally, Meridian Capital Group placed a mortgage of $3.13 million on a 38-unit, four-story multifamily building on Brooklyn’s Regent Place. The loan featured a rate of 3.25 percent and a 10-year term. Weinstock negotiated this transaction as well.