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MISMO Seeks Participants for Software Compliance Designation Pilot

Davis, Janice
MISMO is recruiting participants for its software compliance designation pilot. 

MISMO, the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization, is developing a compliance designation program that will publicly recognize software products, components and tools developed according to MISMO’s data standards.

The objective of the MISMO Software Compliance Program pilot is to ensure that program processes and materials are ready for a full industry roll-out upon completion of the pilot. The pilot is scheduled to begin in October and run through the end of the year. Pilot participants are sought for both the self-assessment component and the Third Party assessment component of the compliance program. Overviews of the programs are available upon request.

Pilot participants are expected to be software vendors who have developed products or components using the MISMO standards. Pilot Program participants who provide products, components of products and tools approved for certification will be able to use the MISMO Compliant Service Mark under the contractual terms of the program. The certification’s standard nominal fee structure will apply for pilot participation. 

MISMO is looking for a diverse group of pilot participants to test program processes and materials. Selection of pilot program participants will depend on a number of factors including but not limited to: company size; scope of existing integration partners including agencies, lenders and vendors; business domains supported by the software module; mortgage industry recognition for quality or innovation; vendor staff and management availability during the anticipated Pilot timeframe (Q4 2013) not only for participation in the pilot but also for providing feedback on processes and materials; and demonstrable commitment and ability to complete pilot effort within the anticipated timeframe.

Any expression of interest received after September 30 will not be considered unless MISMO extends the solicitation period. If similar software products and companies are presented to MISMO, MISMO reserves the right to use whatever selection criteria it deems appropriate in selecting participants. MISMO also reserves the right to reject any pilot applicant in its sole discretion. Additional terms will be included in a written agreement to be executed by the parties. Similar additional opportunities may become available in the future. 

If your company is interested in participating in the MISMO Software Compliance Program pilot, please contact MISMO at If you have questions or need additional information, contact Jan Davis at  or (202) 557-2715.