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Q/A with Roger Beane of LRES

MBA Staff--Feb. 12, 2014
MBA NewsLink recently talked with Roger Beane, CEO of LRES, Orange County, Calif., a national residential and commercial financial services provider offering property valuations, asset management and technology services for clients. For more information about LRES, visit its website,

MBA NEWSLINK: The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has jurisdiction over lenders that do business nationwide, but some of its policies have broader implications for all lenders, such as third-party risk. What are some of the key issues that you see impacting the lending industry?

ROGER BEANE: Although there is a lot of change in this season of regulation--which is very fair to have--we have seen quite a bit more time spent wondering what is next and staying ahead of it. We are collaborating more with our clients and our competitors and we are spending a lot more time training our employees and monitoring laws and regulations on a minute-by-minute basis.

NEWSLINK: How do these regulations affect your ability to comply?

BEANE: The biggest opportunity for us is to make sure that training is in line. At the end of the day--since the first valuation was affirmed--this is a subjective opinion of value. So we have training; we have collaboration. We conduct on-site training and evaluation.

Now, the biggest challenge is--and the OCC needs to be reminded of this--is that the value is an opinion, based on the facts that we have and the constants that exist; all of those are subjective and applying and implying value. While all of these regulations attempt to inject more accuracy--yes, we get it--at the end of the day, it’s still an opinion. So, we cross our T’s and dot our I’s.

NEWSLINK: So there is only so much a regulator can do to codify a process that’s primarily opinion-based?

BEANE: You’re absolutely correct--you can do a background check; you can do an income check; but you can still have dozens of factors that influence value. Our industry has earned the right to be in that position. Appraisal independence is a huge value; there is value in using an appraisal management company that has experience and uses the tools that we can to offer the most effective value to a customer.

NEWSLINK: How could these regulations affect a lender’s choice in selecting vendors?

BEANE: for our particular company, we’ve been very fortunate to have the infrastructure that we’ve established over the past 12 years. Our staff has years of experience and we have a lot of clients. It’s going to be difficult for new AMCs to come into this marketplace with the amount of regulations--much more than it has in the past.

NEWSLINK: is the hard part over?

BEANE: We’ll see. We are prepared. We’re cautiously optimistic. We collaborate frequently with our competitors; and internally we are constantly preparing. We recently had a training session for 20 people internally…we are consistently training with our customers so that we as an industry are prepared.

NEWSLINK: What’s next?

BEANE: It’s too early to tell. We consistently collaborate with our partners--going to shows, reading magazines; talking with our customers, so we can deliver what is compliant and as accurate as possible.  MBA has been great--we’ve relied on them for guidance.

NEWSLINK: How’s the coming year look for your company?

BEANE: For 2014, MBA has come out with a reduction in its forecast, which will allow the industry to acclimate to the new world of regulation. We also work with quite a few loan servicers and hedge funds.

We’ve been very fortunate--we’ve had strong growth over the past five years. We have a saying: we find a way to find a way, and we are extremely optimistic going forward.

Our customers have a tremendous burden of implementing new policies and procedures; a partnership is so important. There’s a tremendous amount of change going on in the industry--some of it earned and some of it deserved.

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